A recent Fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral

Fire is a sudden and unforeseen event which is the core cover of most insurance policies.

IF Brokers wanted to take a moment to pay a special tribute to the Notre-Dame Cathedral that suffered a substantial fire a few days ago.

Some of the facts…

  • Work on building the cathedral started in the 2nd century and took 100 years to complete
  • The cathedral is considered to be one of finest examples of French Gothic architecture
  • It has survived a French Revolution and 2 World Wars
  • Victor Hugo published the French Gothic novel Hunchback of Notre-Dame in 1831

Visitor statistics

  • About 12 million people visit the cathedral every year making it the most visited monument in Paris.
  • In comparison, The Eiffel Tower is the most visited paid monument in the world and had 6,9 million visitors in 2015

The Buildings

  • The two towers are 69 meters high and were the tallest structures in Paris until the finalisation of the Eiffel Tower in 1889
  • The 3 stained glass windows known as the rose windows are some of the most recognisable features of the church, and luckily the recent fire did not destroy these windows
  • The church is owned and self-insured by the state but run exclusively by the church

The Contents

  • Church officials were able to remove many of the artifacts, paintings and other cultural treasures before being evacuated by the fire fighters

The Loss and the Fund Raising Efforts

  • The cause of the fire is speculated to have been caused by ongoing renovation work
  • If the fire started as a result of the negligence of the contractors, then they could be held liable
  • France’s 3 wealthiest families are leading the charge in raising funds to cover the costs to rebuild. Funds collected are already estimated at US$700 million

We are sure that this fine piece of history will be restored to its former glory.

Experiencing a fire is never an easy thing to endure but it is crucial to approach the management of these sudden and unforeseen events with a clear, calm and collected mind. As, in the case of the fire at the Notre-Dame Cathedral – exceptional risk management was applied by the Church and state fire fighters when the fire broke out, they managed to mitigate the loss of precious priceless artifacts.

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