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In order for IF Brokers to provide all our clients  with exceptional claim service delivery, we require active involvement and assistance in the claims procedures. The below is just a guide for steps to take and documents to submit to us. In the event of any loss, you should:
  • Always take necessary and reasonable action to prevent, or to minimize the loss
  • Notify us of the loss as soon as reasonably possible thereafter
  • Submit the formulated claim within 30 days of the loss occurring
  • Provide any assistance required by the insurance company and/or the assessors/ loss adjusters in handling the claim
  • Retain any damaged property for the insurance company (unless advised otherwise)
  • Always report any incident involving criminal activity to the local South African Police Station and obtain a Case Reference Number
  • Never admit to potential liability and refer any correspondence in this regard directly to IF Brokers to make sure that the insurers are notified as soon as reasonably possibly.
  • Record the details of any Third Party potentially involved in the loss including – The name of the Third Parties Insurance Company, Policy Number, Telephone Numbers, Email Addresses and Contact People

Specific Claim Procedures

Please note that each insurer, as their covers differ so will the claims procedures differ. We will request all the outstanding documentation and information when being notified of the claim and advise of any additional details or documents required in order to proceed further with the claim. All claims will require a specific claim form to be submitted, as seen on our Claims Download Page. If you are unsure of which claim form to complete please do not hesitate to Contact Us for assistance.

Property Loss and Damage – General Claim – Personal Lines or Commercial Policies

These Claims typically include damage to property covered by the Buildings, Contents, All Risks, Computer Equipment or Fire, Office Contents, Glass, Accidental Damage, Business All Risks, Computer and Machinery Breakdown policy sections. In addition to claim form being completed and signed by the insured or a representative of the insured – we will also require the following: If the goods in question can be repaired:
  • Confirmation from the repairer, supplier or reputable company confirming the cause of the damage and that the items cannot be repaired.
  • Repair quotations to fix the damages
If the damaged goods in question have been stolen/lost or are not repairable:
  • Confirmation from the repairer, supplier or reputable company confirming the cause of the damage and that the items are not economical to be repaired.
  • Proof of purchase or other suitable proof of ownership of items
  • Replacement quotations to reinstate the goods

Liabilities – Personal Lines or Commercial Policies

These claims typically cover cases where an incident occurs – involving loss, damage or injury to a third party:
  • Be sure to report any incident which may give rise to a claim to ensure the Insurance Companies rights are not prejudiced
  • Never admit fault, responsibility or liability
  • Assistance should be provided to any injured persons
  • Submit a written and signed record/ statement by the parties to whom it was reported or who witnessed the event
  • Details of any disclaimers or indemnities signed by the third party and any own risk notices at the premises where the event occurred and or its parking/ pool areas should be supplied (where applicable)
  • Third party’s letter of demand or correspondence must be submitted urgently
  • Resulting in a summons being issued on you that this is forwarded immediately to IF Administrators within 24 hours of the receipt thereof ensure the date and recipient of the summons received is recorded on the summons

Motor Losses – Personal Lines or Commercial Policies

If a vehicle is damaged:
  • Quotes for damages sustained to the vehicle
  • Enlarged copy of the drivers ID and drivers license
  • Police Case Reference Number
  • If the vehicle is to be written off by the insurer – we will also call upon keys/spare keys and original registration documents
  • HP details from the bank if financed
In cases involving damage of or injury to a third party or third parties property be sure to never admit fault, responsibility or liability and record the following details (if possible):
  • Third party details – name, ID number, vehicle details including registration number, VIN number and engine number
  • Witness details or statements from any witnesses if possible
Hijack or Theft of a vehicle:
  • Enlarged copy of the drivers ID and drivers license
  • Police Case Reference Number
  • Original vehicle registration documents and keys/spare keys
  • HP details from the bank if financed
  • Tracking device report – if the policy has a tracking device condition for the vehicle
Windscreen Repairs or Replacements Please Contact Us our office and we will arrange the necessary documentation to be completed.